Though only a small, six-letter word, the word ‘change’ can stir up a host of different meanings and emotions at any single moment. For some it can symbolize hope, or even the freedom they have been praying for, while for others it can signify the beginning of the end as they become filled with fear and anxiety. Regardless of which side of the coin you find yourself on however, change is inevitable. One of the only true and absolute constants in our universe, and yet, many people view change as something they must resist with all their heart. This unique relationship with change causes many people to remain stuck and never reach their full potential, and is a relationship that quite frankly has fascinated me for a long time.


This brings me to a tradition of change many people partake in this time of the year. Many people for the New Years love to make a long list of New Years Resolutions for the upcoming year. Though always well intentioned, many people struggle to ever actually stick to their resolutions after a few weeks or months. And I’ve always wondered why is this? I personally have struggled for years trying to figure out why my progress always slows down and ultimately stops shortly after the New Year whenever I set New Years Resolutions. I simply thought I must be choosing the wrong things as resolutions and needed to pick more doable things in the future so I wouldn’t continue to run out of motivation and drive. And then it finally hit me; the problem was not in the things I choose to focus on for New Years Resolutions, but the trigger points and purpose behind what I choose. Let me explain, lets use a New Years Resolution of trying to lose 10 pounds by February as an example. Many people would focus on creating a plan to exercise 4 times and week and eating a clean, no fast food diet. They might also buy an expensive workout plan or sign up to workout with a personal trainer at a local gym. But then after a few weeks, and a few missed workouts because of work or McDonalds cheeseburgers because of a lack of good quality food at home, people would give up and stop trying. You see because even though the person did take the time to create an action plan to try to attain their goal, they neglected to address the trigger points that prevented them from achieving these goals previously. Their plan may state the need for working out 4 times a week, but does not address the problems they have had with scheduling workouts around their crazy work schedule. Thus, a more successful plan would of incorporated something like this, exercise 4 times a week before work in the morning to ensure no conflicts occur. Similarly, a good plan for proper dieting would involve a statement about how and when you plan to buy and cook food, if not having the proper ingredients necessary to cook meals in the first place has been a problem. Understanding the trigger points your specific goals and action plan will address and help you overcome that have previously held you back will increase your chances of success exponentially. But even with these improvements involving understanding your trigger points, lack of desire and motivation can come and stop you in your tracks. This is where understanding your purpose plays and important role. In our previous example, many people might hire a personal trainer to help motivate them and hold them accountable. However, no trainer can provide the type of motivation and drive an internal purpose does. This driving force is going to help you keep going when your body aches and all you can think about is giving up. Your purpose can range from a variety of things, maybe wanting to be able to play with your grandkids as you continue to age, or wanting to provide a good healthy lifestyle example for your own kids and family; nonetheless whatever your purpose is, identifying it and having a clear idea of why it is so important to you will go a long way in providing the necessary motivation to overcome the obstacles you will face during this journey. Identifying and understanding your trigger points and purpose will go a long way in creating successful resolutions that will last long into the New Year.

This change of thought and process of self-reflection has been an important step for me in regards to finally creating this blog. Beginning a blog has been on my mind for a good amount of time now, but actually getting around to creating it has been a process. I’ve always known what my goal was; to create a blog to force myself to practice habits of consistency and overcome my procrastination tendencies while working on my writing skills, which are something I have never looked at as a strength of mine. However, finally getting around to starting one has taken forever. Not because of lack of time or motivation, but because of the fear of rejection and being told I wasn’t a good enough writer yet. So I began working and researching techniques about keeping and writing a blog and removed many of the negative people in life to help propel myself forward in a new positive direction. However, as we all know, haters and negative people will always pop up and try to block and stop your progress as you chase your dreams and attempt to change your life. This is why there has to be more than just addressing trigger points when trying to break old habits and create new ones, understanding your purpose won’t allow you to give up when dream killers and negative people try to tear you down. Because even though the voices of doubt and fear have never been louder in my head as they have as I’ve begun this journey, knowing I’m doing this for a much bigger purpose than myself has given me the strength to keep pushing forward. So as you bring in this New Year and plan your own New Years Resolutions, use these tips and techniques to make 2017 the year where you start becoming the best version of you the world has ever seen. I just want to personally wish everyone a happy New Year and hope 2017 is filled with blessings upon blessings for you and your family. And never forget, “[you] can do all things through Christ who strengthens [you]” – Philippians 4:13


God Bless,

Joseph Cook